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Linear Pole-placement Anti-windup Control for Input Saturation Nonlinear System Based on Takagi Sugeno Fuzzy Model

Fa-Guang Wang*, Hong-Mei Wang, Seung-Kyu Park, and Xue-Song Wang
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 14, no. 6, pp.1599-1606, 2016

Abstract : "An anti-windup controller for multi-input nonlinear system is proposed in this paper. The proposed method does not need to calculate every time for every fuzzy rules comparing with traditional linear pole placement of T-S(Takagi-Sugeno) fuzzy. This means fewer LMIs(linear matrix inequality) will be needed and its solution will be guaranteed as much as possible. For different saturation limit, different D-stable disk center and radius of pole placement can be selected to eliminate input saturation effect directly. Nonlinear system will be transferred to T-S fuzzy model first. Then, by employing a series of transition matrix, nonlinear system will be transferred into a nearly linear format accompanied by a nonlinear part. Finally, by designing a proper controller, linear pole placement method can be used and the controller gains can be calculated out with LMIs."

Keyword : LMIs, pole placement, saturation nonlinear system, T-S fuzzy.

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