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Chaotic Synchronization of Regular and Irregular Complex Networks with Fractional Order Oscillators

Sara Angulo-Guzman, Cornelio Posadas-Castillo*, Miguel Angel Platas-Garza, David Alejandro Diaz-Romero, and Didier Lopez-Mancilla
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 14, no. 4, pp.1114-1123, 2016

Abstract : Synchronization of N-coupled fractional-order (FO) chaotic oscillators arranged in regular and irregular topologies is numerically studied. Synchronization is achieved based on the coupling matrix from the complex systems theory. In particular, we consider complex dynamical networks composed by Lorenz, Volta, Duffing and Financial FO chaotic oscillators, where the interaction of the nodes is defined by coupling only one state of each FO oscillator.

Keyword : Chaos, complex networks, fractional-order oscillator, synchronization.

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