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Evolutionary Design of a Fuzzy Logic Controller for Multi Agent Rovotic Systems

Il Kwon Jeong/Ju Jang Lee
Transaction on Control Automation, and Systems Engineering, vol. 1, no. 2, pp.147-152, 1999

Abstract : It is an interesting area in the field of artificial intelligence to find an analytic model of cooperative structure for multi-agent system accomplishing a given task. Usually it is difficult to design controllers for multi-agent systems without a comprehensive knowledge about the system. One of the way to overcome this limitation is to implement an evolutionary approach to the controllers. This paper introduces the use of genetic algorithm to discover a fuzzy logic controller with rules that govern emergent co-operative behavior. A new modified genetic algorithm is applied to automationg the discovery of a fuzzy logic controller for multi-agents solving a pursuit problem in a continuous world. Simulation results indicate that, given the complexity of the problem, an evolutionary approach to find the fuzzy logic controller seems to be promising

Keyword : multi-agent system, fuzzy ligic controller, evolutionary algorithm

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