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Hybrid Random-event- and Time-triggered Control and Scheduling

Zibao Lu*, Ge Guo, Guili Wang, and Guoqing Yang
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 14, no. 3, pp.845-853, 2016

Abstract : This paper investigates the hybrid time- and random event-triggered systems wherein sensors are scheduled and actuators are triggered by a random event modeled as a Markov chain. The system is built as a group of Markov jump linear systems (MJLS) switching with each other. Then, a design condition for scheduling sequences is obtained. With the scheduling sequence, some sufficient conditions for stability are obtained, which tie together the sensor switching properties (such as switching frequency and activation rate) and the probability of the random event driving the actuators. In particular, a feedback controller design algorithm and constraint conditions for the average dwell time are given. A numerical example has shown the usefulness of the proposed method.

Keyword : Almost sure stability, control scheduling codesign, random event-triggered actuators, sensor scheduling.

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