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Fuzzy Adaptive Modular Design of Uncertain Chaotic Duffing Oscillators

Sung-Hoon Yu, Hyo Seok Kang, Yong-Tae Kim, Chang-Ho Hyun*, and Mignon Park
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 12, no. 1, pp.188-194, 2014

Abstract : This paper proposes a fuzzy adaptive control approach based on a modular design for uncertain chaotic Duffing oscillators. Using fuzzy logic, the unknown nonlinear function in the Duffing oscillator is approximated. Subsequently, a modular adaptive controller is derived consisting of an input-to-state stabilizing (ISS) control module and a passive identifier module. Since the modular design allows for independent design of the controller and identifier, the proposed method provides substantial flexibility in the choice of a parameter identifier. Additionally, the modularity of the controller-identifier pair provides simplicity in the control system derivation. Simulation results are included to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

Keyword : Adaptive control, fuzzy logic, ISS controller, modular design, passive identifier.

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