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Stable Fuzzy Controller Design Employing Group Improvisation based Harmony Search Algorithm

Kaushik Das Sharma
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 11, no. 5, pp.1046-4052, 2013

Abstract : The present paper proposes a group improvisation based variant of harmony search (HS) algorithm, for solving optimization problems, conceptualizing the mutual cooperation of philharmonic orchestra. The proposed conception of meta-heuristic optimization is aimed to bring the effects of local neighborhood topological model (lbest model) to the HS algorithm as found, particularly, in swarm based optimizations. This variant of HS employs a novel cooperative method for generating new solu-tion vectors that enhances the accuracy and convergence rate of harmony search (HS) algorithm. The proposed variant of HS algorithm has been successfully applied to design stable fuzzy controllers, op-timizing both its structures and free parameters, so that the designed controller can guarantee desired stability and simultaneously it can provide satisfactory performance with a high degree of automation in the design process. The variant and the original HS algorithm are implemented for two nonlinear benchmark systems in simulation case study and their results demonstrate that the proposed variant outperforms the original HS algorithm.

Keyword : Fuzzy logic controllers (FLC), group memory considering rate (GMCR), harmony memory considering rate (HMCR), harmony search (HS) algorithm, pitch adjusting rate (PAR).

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