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Reliability-Based Camera Handoff for Cooperative Tracking with Multiple Pan-Tilt Cameras

Kyung H. Jeong, Jeong S. Choi*, and Beom H. Lee
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 11, no. 4, pp.815-825, 2013

Abstract : We present a new handoff method for multiple pan-tilt cameras for mobile robot tracking in an indoor environment. Camera handoff is an important step to consistently maintain the visibility of a mobile robot with maximized object tracking accuracy. First, we propose a method to estimate the position of a mobile robot using single pan-tilt camera. Then, the concept of position reliability is defined to quantitatively evaluate the accuracy of position estimation and tracking ability of individual pan-tilt cameras. Position reliability is used to decide when to trigger handoff and who to response handoff in the proposed handoff algorithm. Experimental results demonstrate that four pan-tilt cameras can sys-tematically track a mobile robot in an indoor environment using the proposed method.

Keyword : Camera handoff, mobile robot, pan-tilt camera, reliability.

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