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Consensus Analysis for Multiple Autonomous Agents with Input Delay and Communication Delay

Cheng-Lin Liu and Fei Liu
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 10, no. 5, pp.1005-1012, 2012

Abstract : Consensus problem is investigated for the multi-agent systems with agents’ dynamics modeled by sin-gle-input and single output linear time-invariant proper system, and asynchronously-coupled consensus algorithm is adopted for the system subjected to input delay and communication delay. Sufficient conditions, which depend on the input delay and the communication delay, are obtained for the agents converging to a stationary consensus asymptotically by using linear fractional transformation and small-gain theorem of the frequency-domain analysis. Moreover, the results are extended to get the consensus conditions for second-order multi-agent systems with input delay and communication delay under asynchronously-coupled consensus algorithm, which is composed of the position and the velocity consensus coordination control parts. Simulation illustrates the correctness of the results.

Keyword : Asynchronously-coupled consensus algorithm, communication delay, consensus, input delay, multi-agent systems.

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