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   Vol. 20, No. 3, March 2022
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The Scope of IJCAS
The journal covers three strongly re-
lated research areas including control, automation, and systems. This type of coverage is unique and it is the only journal covering these three areas combined in the world.

In the journal, some of the covered technical areas are
  1. Control Theory and Applications
  2. Robot and Applications
  3. Intelligent Control and Applications

Journal Readership
The backgrounds of the subscribers
to the journal are diverse including e-
lectrical, mechanical, chemical, aero-
space and aeronautic, industrial, and
control engineering. But, their main fo-
cuses are control and automation. Therefore, the journal provides a very strong synergy effect throughout the multidisciplinary research areas.

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  2020 Journal Impact Factor: 3.314 (Category: Automation & Control Systems - Q2) [2021-07-08]
  2019 Journal Impact Factor: 2.733 [2020-07-15]
  2018 Journal Impact Factor: 2.181 [2019-06-27]
  Special Issue on Marine Robotics and Control Systems (Submission of manuscripts: by August 15, 2019) [2019-03-25]

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Current Issue : Vol. 20, No. 6,  June 2022

ISSN : 1598-6446 (print)
ISSN : 2005-4092 (electronic)

Published by ICROS & KIEE
Distributed by Springer
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Optimal Zonotopic Kalman Filter-based State Estimation and Faultdiagnosis Algorithm for Linear Discrete-time System with Time Delay
Zi-Xing Liu, Zi-Yun Wang*, Yan Wang*, and Zhi-Cheng Ji, vol.20, no.6, pp.1757-1771, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
MFAILC Based Density Balance Control for Freeway and Auxiliary Road System
Zhenxuan Li, Shangtai Jin*, and Jing Mei, vol.20, no.6, pp.1772-1784, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Active Fault-tolerant Control for Discrete-time Markov Jump LPV Systems via Time-varying Hidden Markov Model Approach
Junxing Che, Yanzheng Zhu*, Michael V. Basin, and Donghua Zhou, vol.20, no.6, pp.1785-1799, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Resilient Memory Event-triggered Consensus Control for Multi-agent Systems with Aperiodic DoS Attacks
Murugesan Sathishkumar and Yen-Chen Liu*, vol.20, no.6, pp.1800-1813, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Optimal Fault Tolerant Error Governor for PID Controllers
Luca Cavanini, Francesco Ferracuti, Sauro Longhi, and Andrea Monteriù*, vol.20, no.6, pp.1814-1826, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Anomaly Detection with GRU Based Bi-autoencoder for Industrial Multimode Process
Xinyao Xu, Fangbo Qin, Wenjun Zhao, De Xu*, Xingang Wang, and Xihao Yang, vol.20, no.6, pp.1827-1840, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Disturbance Rejection in Singular Time-delay Systems with External Disturbances
Fang Gao* and Wenbin Chen, vol.20, no.6, pp.1841-1848, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Fitting the Nonlinear Systems Based on the Kernel Functions Through Recursive Search
Jimei Li, Yingjiao Rong, Cheng Wang*, Feng Ding, and Xiangli Li, vol.20, no.6, pp.1849-1860, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Dynamic Event-triggered Quantitative Feedback Control for Switched Affine Systems
Xiang Lu, Gang Jing, Hongyu Sun, Xinzheng Lyu, Anhao Wen, Yinjing Guo*, and Qunxian Zheng, vol.20, no.6, pp.1861-1870, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Interval Estimation for Discrete-time Descriptor System Based on Zonotopic Kalman Filter
Aijun Chen, Mingjian Sun*, Yi Shen, and Yuan Liu, vol.20, no.6, pp.1871-1881, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
H∞ Synchronization of Fuzzy Neural Networks Based on a Dynamic Event-triggered Sliding Mode Control Method
Hebao Jia, Jing Wang*, Xiangyong Chen*, Kaibo Shi, and Hao Shen, vol.20, no.6, pp.1882-1890, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Optimistic Fault Diagnosis in Discrete Event Systems by Labeled Petri Nets and Basis Markings
Guanghui Zhu, Jiafeng Zhang, Zhong Zheng, Shan Luan, Te Chen, Qiang Ma, and Zhiwu Li*, vol.20, no.6, pp.1891-1903, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Modeling of Operation of Information System for Critical Use in the Conditions of Influence of a Complex Certain Negative Factor
Oleg Bisikalo, Oksana Danylchuk, Viacheslav Kovtun*, Oksana Kovtun, Olena Nikitenko, and Victoria Vysotska, vol.20, no.6, pp.1904-1913, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Output Feedback Passification for Switched Discrete-time Nonlinear Systems and Adaptive Control System Design
Hongbo Pang*, Shengnan Tan, and Shuo Liu, vol.20, no.6, pp.1914-1925, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Fast Finite-time Attitude Tracking Control of Rigid Spacecraft with Quantized Input Signals
Man Yu, Ming Chen*, and Libing Wu, vol.20, no.6, pp.1926-1934, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Finite-horizon H∞ Consensus Control for Discrete-time Stochastic Multiagent Systems with (x, u, v)-dependent Noise and Markov Jumps
Jie Wang and Xin Chen*, vol.20, no.6, pp.1935-1942, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
One Parameter Estimation-based Approximation-free Global Adaptive Control of Strict-feedback Nonlinear Systems
Ruizhen Gao, Haoqian Wang, Zongxiao Yue, and Mingyuan Yu*, vol.20, no.6, pp.1943-1950, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Computationally Efficient Nonlinear MPC for Discrete System with Disturbances
Keerthi Chacko*, Janardhanan Sivaramakrishnan, and Indra Narayan Kar, vol.20, no.6, pp.1951-1960, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Extended-state-observer-based Error-driven Adaptive Nonlinear feedback Control of Electrical-optical Gyro-stabilized Platform via Modified Dynamic Surface Control with Error Constraint
Yang Yang, Yuefei Wu*, and Fengbo Yang, vol.20, no.6, pp.1961-1970, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Theoretical and Numerical Studies on Simultaneous Identification of Rotor Unbalance and Sixteen Dynamic Coefficients of Two Bearings Considering Unbalance Responses
Aiming Wang* and Wei Yao, vol.20, no.6, pp.1971-2007, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
An Efficient Privacy Preserving Scheme for Distributed Data Aggregation in Smart Grid
Jie Yuan, Yan Wang*, and Zhicheng Ji, vol.20, no.6, pp.2008-2020, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Neural Network-based Event-triggered Adaptive Asymptotic Tracking Control for Switched Nonlinear Systems
Chenglong Zhu, Rui Liu, Baomin Li, Jianwei Xia*, and Na Zhang, vol.20, no.6, pp.2021-2031, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Aerial Chasing of a Dynamic Target in Complex Environments
Boseong Felipe Jeon, Changhyeon Kim, Hojoon Shin, and H. Jin Kim*, vol.20, no.6, pp.2032-2042, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Improved Stereo Matching Accuracy Based on Selective Backpropagation and Extended Cost Volume
Jeong-Min Park and Joon-Woong Lee*, vol.20, no.6, pp.2043-2053, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Backstepping Sliding Mode Control Based on Extended State Observer for Robotic Manipulators with LuGre Friction
Zhenghong Xu, Xiaohui Yang*, Wenjie Zhang, Wei Zhang, Liufang Zhang, and Peter Xiaoping Liu, vol.20, no.6, pp.2054-2066, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Distributed Model Reference Control for Cooperative Tracking of Vehicle Platoons Subjected to External Disturbances and Bounded Leader Input
Agung Prayitno and Itthisek Nilkhamhang*, vol.20, no.6, pp.2067-2080, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
An Adaptive Terminal Sliding Mode Control Scheme via Neural Network Approach for Path-following Control of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
Thanh Nguyen Truong, Anh Tuan Vo, and Hee-Jun Kang*, vol.20, no.6, pp.2081-2096, June 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]

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