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Improvement of Tracking Performance Using Prediction-Based Algorithms for a Maneuvering Target

Hong Ping Gao, Chang Ho Yu, Jae Weon Choi*, and Tae Il Seo
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 9, no. 3, pp.506-514, 2011

Abstract : This paper presents a study involving prediction of a complicated maneuvering target, with the aim of improving the tracking performance of a fire control system (FCS). In this study, we predict the position of a complicated maneuvering target 5 s in advance using the information up to the current time. Because of the large error caused by the complicated maneuvers and the long prediction time in-terval, the mechanical system of the fire control system will take a heavy load. In order to cope with this problem, several approaches to decreasing the prediction error have been proposed including the prediction algorithms based on the multiple model(MM) filter, interacting multiple model (IMM) filter, and variable dimension with input estimation (VDIE) filter. Finally, comparative simulation results are presented to verify the performance of the filters.

Keyword : Complicated maneuvering target, estimation, IMM filter, prediction, VDIE filter.

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