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Design of Uncertain Multi-input Systems with State Delay and Input Deadzone Nonlinearity via Sliding Mode Control

Wen-Jeng Liu, Kuo-Kai Shyu, and Kou-Cheng Hsu
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 9, no. 3, pp.461-469, 2011

Abstract : The problem of robust stabilization of a class of uncertain multi-input time-delayed systems with deadzone nonlinearity in the actuator is considered. To achieve a stable uncertain multi-input system, sliding mode control (SMC) is adopted in the controller design. The proposed controller guarantees the global reaching condition of the sliding mode in the uncertain multi-input system. In the sliding mode, the investigated time-delayed systems with deadzone nonlinearity still possess the insensitivity to the uncertainties and/or disturbances, which can be seen in the systems with linear inputs. In addition, the proposed controller can work effectively for systems no matter whether sector nonlinearity and/or deadzone exists in the actuator or not. However, such property cannot be obtained by the controller design through traditional SMC for the systems without input nonlinearity. Besides, the traditional SMC controller might produce limit cycles once the system contains deadzone in the input. Furthermore, the presented controller ensures the system trajectories globally exponentially converged in the sliding mode. Finally, two examples are illustrated to demonstrate the effectiveness of the pro-posed sliding mode controller.

Keyword : Deadzone control, sliding mode control, time delay systems, uncertain multi-input systems.

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