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Detection of Calibration Patterns for Camera Calibration with Irregular Lighting and Complicated Backgrounds

Dong-Joong Kang, Jong-Eun Ha, and Mun-Ho Jeong
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 6, no. 5, pp.746-754, 2008

Abstract : This paper proposes a method to detect calibration patterns for accurate camera calibration under complicated backgrounds and uneven lighting conditions of industrial fields. Required to measure object dimensions, the preprocessing of camera calibration must be able to extract calibration points from a calibration pattern. However, industrial fields for visual inspection rarely provide the proper lighting conditions for camera calibration of a measurement system. In this paper, a probabilistic criterion is proposed to detect a local set of calibration points, which would guide the extraction of other calibration points in a cluttered background under irregular lighting conditions. If only a local part of the calibration pattern can be seen, input data can be extracted for camera calibration. In an experiment using real images, we verified that the method can be applied to camera calibration for poor quality images obtained under uneven illumination and cluttered background.

Keyword : Camera calibration, detection of calibration pattern, length measurement system, machine vision, uneven illumination.

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