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A New Robotic 3D Inspection System of Automotive Screw Hole

Moon-Hong Baeg, Seung-Ho Baeg, Chanwoo Moon*, Gu-Min Jeong, Hyun-Sik Ahn, and Do-Hyun Kim
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 6, no. 5, pp.740-745, 2008

Abstract : This paper presents a new non-contact 3D robotic inspection system to measure the precise positions of screw and punch holes on a car body frame. The newly developed sensor consists of a CCD camera, two laser line generators and LED light. This lightweight sensor can be mounted on an industrial robot hand. An inspection algorithm and system that work with this sensor is presented. In performance evaluation tests, the measurement accuracy of this inspection system was about 200 μm, which is a sufficient accuracy in the automotive industry.

Keyword : 3D sensor, frame inspection, laser, screw hole, robotic 3D inspection system, vision.

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