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Multi-Sensor Multi-Target Passive Locating and Tracking

Mei Liu, Nuo Xu, and Haihao Li
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 5, no. 2, pp.200-207, 2007

Abstract : The passive direction finding cross localization method is widely adopted in passive tracking, therefore there will exist masses of false intersection points. Eliminating these false intersection points correctly and quickly is a key technique in passive localization. A new method is proposed for passive locating and tracking multi-jammer target in this paper. It not only solves the difficulty of determining the number of targets when masses of false intersection points existing, but also solves the initialization problem of elastic network. Thus this method solves the problem of multi-jammer target correlation and the elimination of static false intersection points. The method which dynamically establishes multiple hypothesis trajectory trees solves the problem of eliminating the remaining false intersection points. Simulation results show that computational burden of the method is lower, the elastic network can more quickly find all or most of the targets and have a more probability of locking the real targets. This method can eliminate more false intersection points.

Keyword : Data clustering, elastic net, false intersection points, passive locating and tracking.

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