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Control of a Balance-Beam with Unknown Loads Using the Restoration Angle of a Gimbal

Keon Young Yi, Yong Jun Kim, Sam Yong Chung, Song Soo Han, and Sang Heon Lee
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 4, no. 4, pp.524-528, 2006

Abstract : A controller built with the gyro effect for a balance-beam can freely control the attitude of an unstructured object by changing the position of an inner gimbal. In this paper, we propose a new balance-beam controller that can detect the inertia of the load to limit the velocity of the load commanded by a user. We found that when there was smaller load inertia, a larger restoration displacement occurred. Therefore, the load can be identified by issuing a predefined command to measure the restoration displacement, which enables us to construct a controller that can limit the angular velocity of the load by planning the motion. Experimental results show the performance of the controller with different loads.

Keyword : Balance-beam, construction equipment, gimbal, load estimation.

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