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Brain Emotional Learning and Adaptive Model Predictive Controller for Induction Motor Drive: A New Cascaded Vector Control Topology

Muhammad Affan and Riaz Uddin*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 9, pp.3122-3135, 2021

Abstract : With the development of high-speed microprocessors, it is now possible to implement mathematically complex vector control algorithms without compromising on the performance of motor drive. Among vector control techniques space vector proportional-integral (PI), direct-torque control (DTC), field-oriented control (FOC), model-predictive control (MPC) are being widely used in industries. But their limitations have urged researchers to develop more advance techniques. In this paper, a new technique learning and adaptive model - based predictive control (termed as LAMPC) is proposed for the vector control of three phase induction motor. In the proposed method, the dynamic model of induction motor is updated adaptively based on prediction (receding horizon principle) for the inner control loop (current control) while the brain emotional learning-based intelligent controller (BELIC) is used for the outer control loop (speed control). The proposed methodology offers desired dynamic response, precise tracking, good disturbance handling capability along with satisfactory steady-state performance. To show the effectiveness of the proposed approach, benchmark simulation results for various inputs are presented using MATLAB/Simulink. Finally, the detailed qualitative and quantitative comparison of the proposed LAMPC is made with the most relevant vector techniques to show its significance.

Keyword : Induction motor, model predictive control, vector control, voltage vectors.

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