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FHOSM Tolerant Control for Networked Control Systems with Disturbances and Faults

Gafary Mahmoud, Yong Chen*, Longjie Zhang, and Meng Li
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 9, pp.3049-3061, 2021

Abstract : This paper investigates the networked control system (NCS) with faults and disturbances which affect both actuator and sensor. A fast high-order sliding mode (FHOSM) controller is proposed to compensate for actuator faults and sensor disturbances, which is constructed based on the estimated information of the NCS. Accordingly, an adaptive observer with multi-stage is designed to estimate the states and sensor disturbances and protect the NCS from actuator faults. Furthermore, a new sliding function is assembled to realize the finite-time convergence of system states. The stability of the system with the suggested procedure is illustrated by the stability analysis underneath the designed control law. Finally, the simulation results are implemented and confirm the effectiveness of the proposed method in defending the system against both issues and inhibiting system failures.

Keyword : Actuator faults, adaptive observer with multi-stage, FHOSM controller, finite-time convergence, networked control systems, sensor disturbances.

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