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Complete 3D Foot Scanning System Using 360 Degree Rotational and Translational Laser Triangulation Sensors

Ju-hwan Lee, Min-jae Lee, and Soon-Yong Park*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 9, pp.3013-3025, 2021

Abstract : This paper proposes a new type of 3D foot scanning system using rotational and translational 3D scanning stages. Commercial 3D foot scanning systems (or scanners) mostly employ the laser triangulation method and three or more linear stages to scan the entire 3D shape of the foot. We introduce a new foot scanning method using only two laser-camera triangulation sensors. The proposed scanning system consists of a 360◦ rotational and a linear translational 3D sensors. The rotational sensor employs two line lasers with a vision camera to solve an occlusion problem of the rotational stage and acquires the 3D shape of the upper part of the foot. The translational sensor consists of a line laser and a vision camera and acquires the 3D shape of the foot sole. The performance of the proposed scanning technique is verified using plastic models and human feet. In average, about 0.5 mm reconstruction accuracy is obtained by the proposed technique.

Keyword : Laser triangulation, rotating-type 3D sensor, sensor calibration, 3D foot scanner, 3D reconstruction

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