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Underwater Walking Mechanism of Underwater Amphibious Robot Using Hinged Multi-modal Paddle

Taesik Kim, Young-woon Song, Seokyong Song, and Son-Cheol Yu*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 4, pp.1691-1702, 2021

Abstract : This study proposes an underwater walking mechanism for an underwater amphibious robot that is propelled by a degree of freedom flapping foil system. To implement stable walking in water, we proposed a distinctive hinged multi-modal paddle and developed an underwater amphibious robot. For the proposed paddle, forward walking model is proposed regarding both the ground contact and hydrodynamic forces in each walking phase: the stance and swing phases. Then, we generalized dynamic equations of motion for the amphibious robot based on the forward walking model. The proposed mechanism and robot were evaluated through thrust and forward walking tests in an indoor water tank. The results of the forward walking test exhibited a highly accurate trajectory of legged locomotion compared to the model-based simulation results. Moreover, field tests on gravel and soft terrains of a seabed, revealed that the proposed system allowed the amphibious robot to walk qualitatively.

Keyword : Biomimetics, legged locomotion, oscillating fin, seabed walking.

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