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An Anti-wind Modeling Method of Quadrotor Aircraft and Cascade Controller Design Based on Improved Extended State Observer

Houyin Xi, Dong Zhang*, Tao Zhou, Yunxiao Yang, and Qiang Wei
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 3, pp.1363-1374, 2021

Abstract : Wind disturbance may significantly reduce the flight control performance of quadrotors when flying. In order to meet high performance flight control requirements, this paper presents a quadrotor anti-wind model (QAWM) and a flight control scheme for quadrotors. The QAWM takes the influence of aerodynamic effects on the propeller, gyroscopic effect and wind disturbance into account. The model can represent more flight states including not only hovering but also flight in windy conditions even maneuver flight. A cascade control scheme with an improved extended state observer (IESO) is adopted to decompose the quadrotor flight control problem into position control loop and attitude control loop. In the attitude control loop, the IESO is used to estimate the unmodeled dynamics, parameter uncertainties and external disturbances, as well as compensate the angular velocity control. In addition, the stability of IESO and the closed loop system are proved. Simulation and experimental results show the effectiveness of the nonlinear quadrotor model and control scheme, and the control scheme can effectively improve the flight performance of quadrotors under wind disturbance even maneuver flight.

Keyword : Cascade control, maneuver flight, quadrotor, IESO, wind disturbances.

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