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Adaptive Torsional Vibration Control of the Nonlinear Rolling Mill Main Drive System with Performance Constraints and Sensor Errors

Cheng Qian, Liuliu Zhang*, and Changchun Hua
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 3, pp.1264-1272, 2021

Abstract : This paper studies the torsional vibration suppression control problem for the nonlinear rolling mill main drive system with performance constraint requirements and unknown measurement sensitivities. Firstly, considering the nonlinear friction between the roll gaps, a torsional vibration model of the main drive system of rolling mill is established. Then, with the asymmetric performance constraints transformation, the motor torque control law is proposed based on backstepping algorithm. By introducing an adaptive bound estimation approach, the multiple unknown parameters caused by the sensor sensitivities can be approximated with very few adaptive laws. The dynamic surface technology is introduced to simplified the control design procedure and solve the computational explosion problem. It is strictly proved that the resulting closed-loop system is stable in the sense of uniformly ultimately boundedness and both transient and steady-state performances of the load speed are preserved. Finally, the simulation is provided to show the validity and the advantages of the proposed techniques.

Keyword : Dynamic surface control, nonlinear rolling mill main drive system, performance constraints, sensor errors, torsional vibration suppression.

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