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Sliding Mode Predictive Active Fault-tolerant Control Method for Discrete Multi-faults System

Pu Yang*, Zhangxi Liu, Dejie Li, Zhiqing Zhang, and Zixin Wang
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 3, pp.1228-1240, 2021

Abstract : For discrete systems with sensor and actuator failures, this paper proposes an observer that can estimate both sensor failures and actuator failures and designs a sliding mode predictive fault-tolerant control method based on an improved whale optimization algorithm. First, a proportional-integral observer that can observe actuator fault and sensor fault is designed to estimate the value of faults, which greatly improves the work efficiency. After that, a global sliding mode surface is designed as a prediction model, so that the initial state of the system is located on the sliding mode surface to avoid the instability of the sliding mode approaching the process. The reference trajectory of a power function with uncertainty and disturbance compensation is designed to reduce the bad influence of uncertainty and disturbance on the system and suppress chattering greatly. Meanwhile, in the rolling optimization part, an improved whale optimization algorithm(IWOA) is designed to optimize the control law. Finally, the simulation results on the four-rotor helicopter simulation platform show the practicability and superiority of the algorithm.

Keyword : Fault tolerant control, four-rotor helicopter, improved whale optimization algorithm, multiple faults observer, sliding mode prediction method.

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