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Distributed Coordination of Heterogeneous Multi-agent Systems with Dynamic Quantization and L2-L∞ Control

Shixun Xiong*, Qingxian Wu, and Yuhui Wang
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 18, no. 10, pp.2468-2481, 2020

Abstract : This paper studies the dynamic output feedback consensus control problem of linear heterogeneous multi-agent systems under the leader-follower formation with a dynamic quantizer. In the practical engineering, the status information of the unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) and the unmanned underground vehicle (UGV) is normally unmeasurable, which is difficult to design the state feedback controller for the UAV-UGV formation. Besides, in the communication topology of the leader-follower formation based on UAVs and UGVs, the signals should be quantized in each follower. However, the traditional static quantizer has a quantization error, which affects the formation stability. Therefore, the control objective is to guarantee the UAV-UGV formation tracking consensus while improving the precision of the quantization. First, the followers and leader systems are based on the discretetime model, and the output trajectory of the leader is time-varying. Then, a dynamic output feedback controller is provided with a dynamic quantizer to guarantee the tracking performance of the heterogeneous multi-agent systems with a leader. The followers can asymptotically track the leader system with L2 − L∞ control gains by solving a set of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs). Finally, simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the designed control strategies.

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Keyword : Dynamic quantizer, heterogeneous multi-agent systems, linear matrix inequality, L2 −L∞ control.

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