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Resilient Set-membership State Estimation for Uncertain Complex Networks with Sensor Saturation under Round-Robin Protocol

Dongyan Chen*, Ning Yang, Jun Hu*, and Junhua Du
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 17, no. 12, pp.3035-3046, 2019

Abstract : This article gives primarily attention to the resilient set-membership state estimation problem for a class of discrete time-varying complex networks with distributed delays, uncertain inner coupling and sensor saturation under the round-robin (RR) protocol. The process and measurement noises are unknown but bounded, which are confined to the ellipsoidal sets. The RR protocol is utilized to assign the priority of accessing to the communication network to nodes in terms of a fixed circular order. By means of the recursive linear matrix inequality (RLMI) technique, a sufficient criterion is established to guarantee that the one-step ahead estimation error is confined to the ellipsoidal set. In term of the convex optimization approach and the recursive algorithm, the desired estimator gains can be derived by utilizing the sufficient condition and optimizing the corresponding constraint matrices. Finally, a simulation example is used to verify the effectiveness of the designed resilient set membership state estimation scheme.

Keyword : Distributed delays, resilient set-membership state estimation, round-robin protocol, saturated complex networks, uncertain inner coupling

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