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An investigation into the oil leakage effect inside the electronic servo-valve for an H∞=LPV active anti-roll bar system

Van Tan Vu*, Olivier Sename, Luc Dugard, and Péter Gáspár
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 17, no. 11, pp.2917-2928, 2019

Abstract : The Electronic Servo-Valve Hydraulic (ESVH) actuator is commonly used in the industrial sector and engineering practice. This paper investigates the robustness of the H∞/LPV active anti-roll bar system when the presence of an oil leakage inside the electronic servo-valve is taken into account. We propose a fully integrated model, including four ESVH actuators in a single unit heavy vehicle. Then, an H∞/LPV controller is synthesized in order to satisfy simultaneously the two main objectives of enhancing roll stability and the saturation of the actuators. Survey results indicate that the oil leakage has a positive effect in protecting the active anti-roll bar system if the controller stops working and it is indispensable for this type system. At each design point of the LPV system, the µ-tool method is used to test the robustness analysis in the frequency domain. It is shown that the active anti-roll bar system is always robust with the maximum uncertain level of the total flow pressure coefficient of 41%, when the forward velocity is considered to be over 130 km/h.

Keyword : Active anti-roll bar system, ESVH actuator, H∞ control, linear parameter varying (LPV) control, µanalysis, vehicle dynamics.

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