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Decentralized Fault-tolerant Resilient Control for Fractional-order Interconnected Systems with Input Saturation

Venkatesan Nithya, Rathinasamy Sakthivel*, Faris Alzahrani, and Yong-Ki Ma*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 17, no. 11, pp.2895-2905, 2019

Abstract : This paper investigates the problem of robust decentralized fault-tolerant resilient control for fractionalorder large-scale interconnected uncertain system, and the problem considered here is subject to mixed H∞ and passivity performance constraint, external disturbances, controller perturbations and control input saturation. Based on the Lyapunov approach, the sufficient conditions are derived in terms of linear matrix inequalities to ensure the asymptotic stabilization of the fractional-order large-scale system with a prespecified mixed H∞ and passivity performance index. The main objective of this work is to design a robust decentralized fault-tolerant resilient controller which compensates both actuator fault and input saturation in its design for obtaining the required result. Finally, a numerical example is included to illustrate the effectiveness of the designed control law. The simulation results reveal that our proposed controller not only can effectively deal with actuator faults, but also has very good robustness for input saturation and external disturbances.

Keyword : Decentralized control, fractional-order large-scale systems, input saturation, mixed H∞ and passivity performance, nonlinear actuator fault.

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