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A Model Predictive Control (MPC) Approach on Unit Quaternion Orientation Based Quadrotor for Trajectory Tracking

Maidul Islam*, Mohamed Okasha, and Erwin Sulaeman*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 17, no. 11, pp.2819-2832, 2019

Abstract : The objective of this paper is to introduce with a quaternion orientation based quadrotor that can be controlled by Model Predictive Control (MPC). As MPC offers promising performance in different industrial applications, quadrotor can be another suitable platform for the application of MPC. The present study consistently adopts unit quaternion approach for quadrotor orientation in order to avoid any axes overlapping problem, widely known as singularity problem whereas Euler angle orientation approach is unable to resolve so. MPC works based on the minimal cost function that includes the attitude error and consequently, the cost function requires quaternion error in order to proceed with process of MPC. Therefore, the main contribution of this study is to introduce a newly developed cost function for MPC because by definition, quaternion error is remarkably different from the attitude error of Euler angle. As a result, a unit quaternion based quadrotor with MPC can ascertain a smooth singularityfree flight that is influenced by model uncertainty. MATLAB and Simulink environment has been used to validate the cost function for quaternion by simulating several trajectories.

Keyword : Constraint handling, cost function, disturbance and noise, path/trajectory tracking, quadrotor, quaternion

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