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Robust Adaptive Attitude Synchronization of Uncertain Rigid Bodies on Special Orthogonal Group with Communication Delays and Gyro Biases

Xuhui Lu and Yingmin Jia*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 17, no. 11, pp.2769-2783, 2019

Abstract : The paper proposes an attitude synchronization algorithm of rigid bodies on Special Orthogonal Group SO(3), with parameter uncertainties, external disturbances, gyro biases and communication delays. A set of twoorder linear filters are introduced to cope with discontinuous communication delays, and only attitude information is required to be exchanged between rigid bodies. Then a set of gyro bias estimators are constructed with exponential convergence rates in the constant bias case and can also deal with time-varying gyro biases. Besides, a novel attractive manifold control method is also proposed so that the parameter estimation error terms can converge to zeros independent of persistent excitation condition. The proposed attractive manifold control method can be also robust toward external disturbances. The obtained control inputs are continuous and ensure the control performance of the closed-loop system, in the presence of discontinuous communication delays, external disturbances, parameter uncertainties and gyro biases. The effectiveness of the proposed algorithm is verified in the numerical simulations.

Keyword : Attitude synchronization of rigid bodies, communication delays, external disturbances, gyro biases, inertia uncertainties, special orthogonal group.

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