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Stability of Limiting Zeros of Sampled-data Systems with Backward Triangle Sample and Hold

Minghui Ou, Shan Liang*, and Cheng Zeng
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 17, no. 8, pp.1935-1944, 2019

Abstract : The backward triangle sample and hold (BTSH) is a novel sample and hold function. This paper concentrated on the stability of zeros in the sampled-data system that arising from the case of a BTSH and a continuoustime system in cascade. The properties and stable conditions of the limiting zeros for sufficiently small or large sampling period in BTSH case are displayed. The framework of the limiting zeros is derived in the two different sampling rates. It is demonstrated that one can choose a suitable parameter value of BTSH, where the limiting zeros of the resulting sampled-data system can be located inside the stable region while the zero order hold (ZOH) fails to do. Finally, numerical examples are provided to better show proposed theories in this paper.

Keyword : Backward triangle sample and hold (BTSH), sampled-data system, sampling rate, stability, zeros.

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