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Event-triggered Finite-time Consensus with Fully Continuous Communication Free for Second-order Multi-agent Systems

An Zhang, Ding Zhou*, Pan Yang, and Mi Yang
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 17, no. 4, pp.836-846, 2019

Abstract : "This study deals with finite-time consensus problems of second-order multi-agent systems with intrinsic nonlinear dynamics and external bounded disturbances. First, instead of the time-triggered control algorithm, the event-triggered control algorithm is developed by using integral sliding mode control strategy. Then, a triggering function is explicitly constructed to generate event sequences, and the triggering function is fully continuous communication free. Rigorous proof is given by using Lyapunov stability theory and finite-time stability theory. Several conditions are derived to guarantee the finite-time consensus and exclude Zeno behavior. Finally, a simulation of single-link robotic arms is given to verify the effectiveness of the results."

Keyword : Disturbances, event-triggered control, finite-time consensus, integral sliding mode, nonlinear dynamics.

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