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Robust Control for Electric Fuel Pump with Variant Nonlinear Loads Based on a New Combined Sliding Mode Surface

Runze Ding, Lingfei Xiao*, and Xia Jin
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 17, no. 3, pp.716-728, 2019

Abstract : "A class of electric fuel pump system equipped in More-electric Engines with variant loads is studied. A novel robust control method based on a combined linear and quadratic integral sliding mode surface is proposed. The linear sliding mode surface with improved exponential reaching law guarantees that nominal system has satisfying performance with reduced chattering, while the quadratic integral sliding mode surface is responsible for compensation of mismatched uncertainties, enhancing system’s robustness. Besides, mathematical model of electric fuel pump with variant load and leakages is established, which reflects both steady and dynamic characteristics of the fuel pump. In addition, it is proved that combined sliding mode surface can be reached in finite time and remains there. Stability o"

Keyword : Combined sliding mode surface, electric fuel pump, mismatched uncertainties, robust control.

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