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Design of the Linear Quadratic Structure Based Predictive Functional Control for Industrial Processes Against Partial Actuator Failures Using GA Optimization

Xiaomin Hu, Hongbo Zou, and Limin Wang*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 17, no. 3, pp.597-605, 2019

Abstract : "This paper addresses the genetic algorithm (GA) optimization and the linear quadratic (LQ) structure based predictive functional control (PFC) for batch processes under non-repetitive unknown disturbances and partial actuator faults. First, by adopting the extended non-minimal state space (ENMSS) model in which the state variables and the tracking error are united, the new state vector with more degrees is provided for the controller design. In order to enhance the ensemble control performance under the PFC structure, GA is adopted for the optimization of the weighting matrix in the controller. The case study on the injection velocity control in an injection molding machine demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed PFC scheme against various disadvantages."

Keyword : "Actuator faults, batch processes, extended state space model, linear quadratic structure, predictive functional control."

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