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Global Robust Synchronization of Fractional Order Complex Valued Neural Networks with Mixed Time Varying Delays and Impulses

Pratap Anbalagan, Raja Ramachandran, Jinde Cao*, Grienggrai Rajchakit, and Chee Peng Lim
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 17, no. 2, pp.509-520, 2019

Abstract : "In this article, we explore the theoretical issues on the drive-response synchronization of a class of fractional order uncertain complex valued neural networks (FOUCNNs) with mixed time varying delays and impulses. Based upon the contraction mapping principle, robust analysis techniques, as well as Riemann-Liouville (R-L) derivative, we derive a new set of novel sufficient conditions for the existence and uniqueness of equilibrium point of such neural network system, while by applying the Lyapunov functional approach, the global stability of the equilibrium solutions are obtained. Furthermore, the synchronization criterion of FOUCNNs is also attracted by means of the adaptive error feedback control strategy. Finally, two examples are provided along with the simulation results to demonstrate the effectiveness of our main proofs."

Keyword : "Adaptive synchronization, asymptotic stability, complex valued neural networks, Riemann-Liouville derivative."

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