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Strong Tracking Tobit Kalman Filter with Model Uncertainties

Zhan-long Du* and Xiao-min Li
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 17, no. 2, pp.345-355, 2019

Abstract : "The Tobit Kalman filter (TKF) is a good choice for applications of discrete time-varying systems with censored measurements. The traditional TKF is usually designed under the assumption of exactly knowing system state and measurement functions, which can not guarantee the good performance and is even unsuitable for system with model mismatch. To ensure the performance, this paper proposes a novel TKF algorithm in the presence of both censored measurements and model uncertainties. Our proposed algorithm, called strong tracking TKF (STTKF), adopts the orthogonal principle as an additional criterion to overcome model mismatch problem. By introducing fading factor into a priori error covariance, STTKF adaptively adjust gain matrix according to different model mismatch degree. Firstly the recursive fading factor formulation is deduced based on orthogonal principle. Then the designed STTKF process is given in a recursive manner. Finally the effectiveness of STTKF is verified by two examples of oscillator system and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) transmitter."

Keyword : "Censored measurement, fading factor, Kalman filter, model mismatch, orthogonal principle, strong tracking filter, Tobit model."

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