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Analysis on Effective Rehabilitation of Human Arms Using Compliant Strap

Byoung-Ho Kim
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 16, no. 6, pp.2958-2965, 2018

Abstract : "This paper analyses on effective compliant rehabilitation of human arms. For this purpose, we pay attention to flexible straps that are widely used in various exercises as a basic fitness element. We present a simplified model of such compliant straps for arm rehabilitation and consider a robotic arm with two degrees of freedom that can be considered as a human arm in the process of reinforcing or rehabilitating the shoulder and elbow joints. Thus, we characterize the arm rehabilitation movement using strap. Through various simulations, we show the torque characteristics applied to the shoulder and elbow joints according to the stiffness level of the strap and discuss the practical choice of straps for effective arm exercise or rehabilitation. The usefulness of arm rehabilitation exercise using strap is confirmed by comparison with dumbbell. It is finally shown that the specified strap-based arm rehabilitation method is valuable for effective rehabilitation of the shoulder and elbow joint mechanisms of human arms. This study is practically helpful for developing a mechanism for arm rehabilitation."

Keyword : Compliant strap, rehabilitation, shoulder and elbow joints, torque analysis.

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