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Master-followed Multiple Robots Cooperation SLAM Adapted to Search and Rescue Environment

Hongling Wang, Chengjin Zhang*, Yong Song, and Bao Pang
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 16, no. 6, pp.2593-2608, 2018

Abstract : "The master-followed multiple robots interactive cooperation simultaneous localization and mapping(SLAM) schemes were designed in this paper, which adapts to search and rescue (SAR) cluttered environments. In our multi-robots SLAM, the proposed algorithm estimates each of multiple robots’' current local sub-map, in this occasion, a particle represents each of moving multi-robots, and simultaneously, also represents the pose of a motion robot. The trajectory of the robot’'s movement generated a local sub-map; the sub-maps can be looked on as the particles. Each robot efficiently forms a local sub-map; the global map integrates over these local sub-maps; identifying SAR objects of interest, in which, each of multi-robots acts as local-level features collector. Once the object of interest (OOI) is detected, the location in the global map could be determined by the SLAM. The designed multi-robot SLAM architecture consists of PC remote control center, a master robot, and multi-followed robots. Through mobileRobot platform, the master robot controls multi-robots team, the multiple robots exchange information with each other, and then performs SLAM tasks; the PC remote control center can monitor multi-robot SLAM process and provide directly control for multi-robots, which guarantee robots conducting safety in harsh SAR environments. This SLAM method has significantly improved the objects identification, area coverage rate and loop-closure, and the corresponding simulations and experiments validate the significant effects."

Keyword : Canny operator detection, coverage area, integrated DP filter algorithms, loop-closure, master-followed multiple robots SLAM.

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