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Adaptive Dynamic Surface Control for Spacecraft Terminal Safe Approach with Input Saturation Based on Tracking Differentiator

Guan-Qun Wu, Shen-Min Song*, and Jing-Guang Sun
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 16, no. 3, pp.1129-1141, 2018

Abstract : "This thesis studies the spacecraft terminal safe approach control problem considering input saturation. Based on the spacecraft relative motion model and sphere collision avoidance potential function, an anti-saturation controller and an adaptive finite-time anti-saturation controller using dynamic surface control(DSC) are presented for the situations of known and unknown upper bound of external disturbances respectively, which can guarantee that no collisions happen in the tracking process. The second-order tracking differentiator is introduced to design the controllers, which avoids the differential of the virtual control signal and ensures the tracking performance of system output signals. Meanwhile, the auxiliary system is introduced to handle input saturation. Lyapunov stability theory is adopted to prove that the states of system under the designed controllers are uniformly ultimately bounded and practical finite-time stable respectively, and the chaser spacecraft can approach to the desired position without collision. The numerical simulation results demonstrate that the chaser spacecraft using the designed controllers can realize terminal safe approach to target spacecraft, which further illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed controllers."

Keyword : Collision avoidance, dynamic surface control, input saturation, potential function, terminal safe approach

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