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On the Asymptotic Accuracy of Reduced–Order Models

Daniele Casagrande*, Wiesław Krajewski, and Umberto Viaro
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 15, no. 5, pp.2436-2442, 2017

Abstract : "Popular model reduction methods can easily be adapted to retain the asymptotic response to inputs with rational transform. To this purpose, the forced response of the high-order system is decomposed into a transient and a steady-state component. Then, the reduced-order model is obtained by combining the unaltered steady-state component with an approximation of the transient component. Examples show that forcing the reduced-order model to retain the steady-state component does not compromise the transient accuracy."

Keyword : Balanced truncation, Hankel norm, model reduction, steady-state response, transient response.

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