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Improved Positioning Method for Magnetic Encoder Type AGV using Extended Kalman Filter and Encoder Compensation Method

Hyunhak Cho, Eun Kyeong Kim, Eunseok Jang, and Sungshin Kim*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 15, no. 4, pp.1844-1856, 2017

Abstract : "This paper presents an improved positioning method for a Magnetic Encoder type Guided Vehicle (MEGV) using the Extended Kalman Filter and Encoder Compensation Method. The magnetic encoder system is one of several available guidance systems for autonomous guided vehicles using magnetic sticks that are buried at regular intervals (such as near landmarks, turning points, and work places) on designated paths. The system guides MEGVs on a pre-defined path using either of two types of devices: encoders or magnetic positioning devices. The encoder information is used in a range of positions between the magnetic sticks, and the magnetic positioning device is used to correct positioning of MEGV using global positioning of a magnetic stick. However, calculating the exact position of a MEGV is challenging because of errors (cumulative error of the encoder and disturbances in the general magnetic field). Therefore, this study proposes a method, which is a combination of EKF and ECM, for positioning MEGVs. In the proposed method, EKF first estimates the position of the MEGV; then, ECM corrects the error of the encoders. To analyze the performance of the proposed method, a MEGV was designed and developed. The proposed method was compared with three other positioning methods (that use encoders, magnetic encoders, or EKF), and experiments were performed under similar working conditions. The experimental results demonstrated that the proposed method is superior to the other methods."

Keyword : "Encoder compenation method, magnetic encoder type guided vehicle, magnetic positioning device, positioning."

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