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The Dynamic Compliance and Its Compensation Control Research of the Highly Integrated Valve-controlled Cylinder Position Control System

Kai-Xian Ba, Xiang-Dong Kong, Bin Yu*, Hua-Long Zhao, Jin-Song Zhao, Qi-Xin Zhu, and Chun-He Li
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 15, no. 4, pp.1814-1825, 2017

Abstract : "The highly integrated valve-controlled cylinder (HIVC) is the joint driver in the hydraulic drive legged robot motion process, with the inner-loop-control-based outer loop dynamic compliance control method of the hydraulic system adopted. Yet the dynamic compliance of the HIVC position inner loop control has effects on the accuracy of the outer loop dynamic compliance control. Therefore, the dynamic compliance parallel composition theory of the HIVC position inner loop control is presented and its dynamic compliance is analyzed in this paper, based on the HIVC position control nonlinear mathematical model. Moreover, the multiple parallel branch dynamic compliance compound compensation control method is also designed and the dynamic compliance parallel composition is rearranged. The experimental results indicate that adopting the compensation control method can decrease the dynamic compliance of the HIVC position control system dramatically, which would provide the inner loop dynamic compliance compensation control method of the robot with high accuracy and high robustness."

Keyword : Compensation control, dynamic compliance, highly integrated valve-controlled cylinder, legged robot.

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