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A Neural Network- Based Classification Method for Inspection

Kuk Won Ko/Hyungsuck Cho/Jong Hyung Kim
Transaction on Control Automation, and Systems Engineering, vol. 2, no. 3, pp.182-188, 2000

Abstract : High-frequency electric resistance welding (HERW) technique is one of the most productive manufacturing method currently available for pipe and tube production because of its high welding speed. In this process, a heat input is controlled by skilled operators observing color and shape of bead but such a manual control can not provide reliability and stability required for manufac-turing pipes of high grade quality because of a variety of bead shapes and noisy environment. In this paper, in an effort to provide reliable quality inspection, we propose a neural network-based method for classification of bead shape. The proposed method utilizes the structure of Kohonen network and is designed to learn the skill of the expert operators and to provide a good solution to classify bead shapes according to their welding conditions. This proposed method is implemented on the real pipe manufacturing process, and a series of experiments are performed to show its effectiveness.

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