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A Precision Stopping Measurement Device to Automatically Detect Position Errors of an Urban Train at Railway Stations

Manh-Tuan Ha, Ho-Yeon Kim, and Chul-Goo Kang*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 15, no. 2, pp.848-856, 2017

Abstract : "Precision stopping of an urban train at a railway station with platform screen doors is essential to passenger safety and timely revenue service. This paper presents a precision stopping measurement device to automatically detect the position error of an urban train at a railway station with platform screen doors; the device is used primarily for initial calibration during test runs before revenue service begins. The precision stopping measurement device that has been developed is composed of a platform module to detect the stopping error of the train using laser light, a vertical pattern to reflect the laser light, and an on-board module to record the stopping error automatically via wireless communication. The usefulness of the precision stopping measurement device presented here has been demonstrated using field tests with an actual Maglev train in Korea."

Keyword : Platform screen door, position error, precision stopping, railway vehicle, urban train.

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