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Design of Sliding Mode Guidance Law with Dynamic Delay and Impact Angle Constraint

Hui-Bo Zhou*, Shen-Min Song, and Jun-Hong Song
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 15, no. 1, pp.239-247, 2017

Abstract : "A sliding mode guidance law with dynamic delay and impact angle constraints is designed for the relative motion between the missile and the target in the intercepting plane. First of all, the missile’s first order dynamic delay is involved into the system model to design the guidance law based on sliding mode variable dynamic method. Secondly, the target’s maneuvering is taken as the system disturbance, and a non-homogeneous disturbance observer is applied to estimate such maneuvering in finite time rapidly, which, through dynamic compensation, realizes the missiles precision attack to targets of different maneuvering at a desired line-of-sight (LOS) angle. Finally, numerical simulations are performed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the designed guidance law."

Keyword : Autopilot, guidance law, impact angle, observer, sliding mode.

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