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Robust Estimation Algorithm for Both Switching Signal and State of Switched Linear Systems

Zhaowu Ping, Chanhwa Lee, and Hyungbo Shim*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 15, no. 1, pp.95-103, 2017

Abstract : "We present a hybrid-type observer for detecting the switching time and estimating both the active mode and the states of continuous-time switched linear systems. The systems under consideration have external inputs and are affected by unknown disturbances. In addition, noise corrupts the output measurements. In this setting the switching cannot be detected immediately, and thus, this paper presents a condition that relates the amount of delay to the sizes of the unknown disturbances/noises, the external inputs, and the states, and the strength of the observability. Once the condition is satisfied, the proposed observer and algorithm return the exact active mode and approximate state information of the switched system. A numerical example is also presented to show the performance of our algorithm.."

Keyword : Switched linear systems, switching signal estimation, state estimation, observer design, disturbance.

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