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Extraction of Sparse Features of Color Images in Recognizing Objects

T. T. Quyen Bui, Thang T. Vu, and Keum-Shik Hong*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 14, no. 2, pp.616-627, 2016

Abstract : In this paper, we propose a new object recognition framework that combines Gabor energy filters, a visual cortex model in which single units alternate with complex units, and color information. Each color image is first converted to the CIELAB color space. Rather using Gabor filters in the first layer of the cortex model, to each color component, a set of Gabor energy filters is applied. Thereafter, the superposition responses of the Gabor energy filter outputs over the color components are normalized by divisive normalization. In the fourth layer, sparse features are calculated using a localized pooling method that allows retention of some geometric information from the prototype patches’ positions. Finally, a set of sparse features are exploited by a linear SVM classifier for object recognition and classification. In the learning stage, a set of prototypes is selected randomly over spatial position, spatial size, and several scales simultaneously, and is extracted by the local maximum over scales and orientations, ignoring weaker training scales and orientations. The results of experiments performed on several datasets show that the use of color information in our framework improves object recognition significantly.

Keyword : CIELAB color space, color-based features, Gabor energy filter, local maximum pooling, object recognition, sparse features.

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