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Cartesian Space Control of a Quadrotor System Based on Low Cost Localization under a Vision System

Seungho Jeong and Seul Jung*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 14, no. 2, pp.549-559, 2016

Abstract : This article presents the Cartesian position control of a quadrotor system in the indoor environment. Prior to applying the position control to a quadrotor system, the quadrotor is localized to measure the status of the quadrotor system under the vision system. Due to the expensive cost of motion-capturing sensors, a single camera is used to detect the heading angle and the position by using the color of markers on the top of the quadrotor system. Since a single camera cannot detect the distance from the object, compensation methods for the position and height are presented. Localization for the height can be done by using local information on the basis of the regular rectangular shape of the tiles on the floor. Control performances of the hovering, heading angle and trajectory are evaluated by empirical studies.

Keyword : Cartesian space control, localization, quadrotor system, vision system.

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