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Input/output-to-state stability of switched nonlinear systems with an improved average dwell time approach

Li-Xia Liu, Rong-Wei Guo*, and Shu-Ping Ma
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 14, no. 2, pp.461-468, 2016

Abstract : "This paper investigates the input/output-to-state stable (IOSS) property of the switched systems under average dwell time (ADT) switching signals in two cases: 1) all of the subsystems are IOSS, 2) parts of the subsystems are IOSS, and proposes a number of new results on stability analysis. First, we present a new IOSS result for the switched nonlinear systems whose subsystems are IOSS with an improved ADT method. Second, extending the improved ADT method to unforced nominal switched nonlinear systems in which parts of subsystems are stable, we establish a new stability analysis result. IOSS property of switched nonlinear systems in which parts of subsystems are IOSS, we show that if the average dwell time is large enough and if the fraction of time where one of the non-IOSS system is active is not too big, then IOSS property of the switched system can be established. It should be pointed that the main results obtained in this paper have some advantages over the exiting ones. Finally, two illustrative examples with simulation verify the correctness and validity of our results.

Keyword : Average dwell time, input/output-to-state stable, switched nonlinear system, unstable subsystems.

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