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Fault Diagnosis and Fault Tolerant Control for Non-Gaussian Time-delayed Singular Stochastic Distribution Systems

Lina Yao* and Long Feng
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 14, no. 2, pp.435-442, 2016

Abstract : Stochastic distribution control (SDC) is a new branch of stochastic system control that the system output is the probability density function (PDF) of the output. In practice, some algebraic relations exist between the input and the weights of SDC systems, leading to a singular state space model between the weights and the control input which increases the complexity of the system. The ignorance of time delay in practical systems will make the effectiveness of the fault diagnosis (FD) and fault tolerant control (FTC) be reduced. In this paper, the linear B-spline basis functions are used to approximate the output PDF. A FD approach based on the adaptive observer is established to diagnose the size of fault in the singular time-delayed SDC system. With the fault diagnosis information, a fault tolerant controller based on PI tracking control scheme is constructed to make the post-fault PDF still track the given distribution. The post-fault closed-loop stability analysis with the practical fault tolerant controller is carried out based on the Lyapunov stability theorem. Finally, a numerical simulation is provided to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

Keyword : Fault diagnosis, fault tolerant control, probability density function, stochastic distribution control, time delay.

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