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Output Feedback Second Order Sliding Mode Control for Spacecraft Attitude and Translation Motion

Chutiphon Pukdeboon
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 14, no. 2, pp.411-424, 2016

Abstract : This paper studies an output feedback control problem for spacecraft position and attitude control when uncertainties related to system parameters and external disturbances are present. Firstly, a new finite-time control law is designed using second order sliding mode concepts. In the presence of external disturbances and inertia uncertainties, the new control law provides finite-time convergence and high tracking precision. Secondly, a new sliding-mode-based filter is developed to estimate the first time derivatives of attitude and position in finite time. Instead of the translational and angular velocity variables, the estimated derivative values are used for the controller design. The proposed controller with this filter is an output feedback controller since translational and angular velocity measurements are not required. The closed-loop system under this controller is non-homogeneous and the stability is proven by using concepts of a strong Lyapunov function and Lyapunov stability theory. The trajectories of the closed-loop system can be controlled to converge to a ball centered at the origin that can be made as small as desired. Numerical simulations of position and attitude control of spacecraft are given to demonstrate the performance of the proposed controller and filter.

Keyword : Finite-time control, output feedback control, position and attitude control, second order sliding mode, sliding mode integral filter.

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