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Unknown Parameter Identifier Design of Discrete-Time DC Servo Motor Using Artificial Neural Networks

Dong-Seog Bae / Jang-Myung Lee
Transaction on Control Automation, and Systems Engineering, vol. 2, no. 3, pp.207-213, 2000

Abstract : This paper introduces a high-performance speed control system based on artificial neural networks(ANN) to estimate unknown parameters of a DC servo motor. The goal of this research is to keep the rotor speed of the DC servo motor to follow an arbitrary selected trajectory. In detail, the aim is to obtain accurate trajectory control of the speed, specially when the motor and load parameters are unknown. By using an artificial neural network, we can acquire unknown nonlinear dynamics of the motor and the load. A trained neural network identifier combined with a reference model can be used to achieve the trajectory control. The performance of the identification and the control algorithm are evaluated through the simulation and experiment of nonlinear dynamics of the motor and the load using a typical DC servo motor model.

Keyword : ANN, terminal voltages, electric driving system, unknown nonlinear dynamics, reference model, time-varying

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